Rich Bizelia Baseball Academy, LLC


This is a general schedule that will be followed:

8:45 Campers should begin to check in at this time they will receive a t-shirt and be assigned to the coach that they will be working with for the week.

9:00 Camp begins Run, Stretch, Throw, Introduce "Fundamental of the Day"

Individual Fundamentals
  • Fielding
    • Work on proper fundamentals for infielders and outfielders
    • Utilizing two hands
    • Develop arm strength
  • Team Fundamentals
    • Base running
    • Bunt coverage
    • Run-downs
  • Batting
    • Quick hands
    • Head down
    • Explosiveness through the zone
    • Balance
  • Pitching
    • Learn proper mechanics from both the windup and stretch
    • Develop secondary pitches 
    • Balance 
    • Increase Velocity
    • Drive
    • Release Point

Rich Bizelia Baseball Academy, LLC
MASSAPEQUA, NY 11758 P.O. Box 1884
(516) 242-1590


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